Telluride World Cup

Telluride World Cup
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Channel 10 Party

Hey guys,
So during the week on thursday we had the channel 10 Winter launch party!
it was great fun and really interesting as soon as we walked through the doors we were greeted and had our photos take it was almost making the olympic dream seem even closer that it already is!!

I got to meet a lot of the channel 10 team they were all such amazing people they also introduced the commentators for the 2014 Sochi Olympics (Alisa Camplin, Steven Bradbury) two of australia's best Winter sports athletes ever!!

it was really cool to meet all the other athletes that we would normally never see. Such as the luge, skeleton, and ice skaters because of the different locations of our training venues but now having more of a relationship with all the athletes made it feel like a really team experience which is really cool leading into the Olympics

Only 197 day to go till Sochi 2014!!!!
Australian Idol Re-union 

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